C21333s06The Ukrainian American Coordinating Council of Northern California, a non-profit organization founded in the late 1960’s, is an overall national representative body of Ukrainian American citizens and those of Ukrainian descent. As an American organization embracing many Ukrainian American organizations, clubs, fraternal lodges, veteran and youth societies, women’s and sports groups, as well as cultural, social, church, political organizations, and demonstrations and protests, it has been a powerful advocate of Freedom and Independence for Ukraine.

Today, it continues embracing our Ukrainian Historical, Political and Cultural heritage in the Bay Area and California by sponsoring such events as concerts honoring Taras Shevchenko over the past 50 years, Ukrainian Independence Day in Golden Gate Park since 1964, the celebration of Ukraine’s Millennium baptism into Christianity, the Commemoration of the Soviet artificially induced famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine called the Holodomor where ten million Ukrainians were victims as well as many other events and activities such as candlelight vigils, humanitarian aid for displaced citizens and soldiers, youth concerts, bonfires on the beach and the establishment and dedication of the new California Registered Historical Landmark No.1025 – Ukraine – honoring Ukrainian Patriot Reverend Father Agape’s Honcharenko, fighter for freedom, democracy and human rights.

Contributions are welcomed in support of these events that will bring the heart and soul of Ukraine to the American public and help those in Ukraine.

Participation is always appreciated. Would you like to Volunteer? Join our Volunteer Group.