Borys Penchuk: Soldier, Volunteer, Activist – SAN FRANCISCO



  •   Sunday, November 22, 2015
  •   2.30 pm
  •   345 7th Street, San Francisco, California 94103


Join us for an afternoon with Dr. Borys Penchuk during his short West coast tour. Dr. Penchuk is a former entrepreneur, writer, politically prosecuted activist, participant of two Ukrainian Revolutions, 2004-2005 and 2013-2014, ATO Volunteer Soldier, Field volunteer to an ATO zone and State reformer. Dr. Penchuk will share his experiences and insights and will be hosting a Q and A session following lunch and a concert at St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Donations collected after his
Q & A will go directly towards supplies for the Front line.

Speaking Dates:
November 14th – Austin, TX – Austin Texas Ukrainians
November 20th – Sacramento, CA – Ukrainian Heritage Club
November 22nd – San Francisco, CA – UACC



BS in Engineering, BS in Business, Trade and Economics, Ph.D. In Public Administration (2004), Thesis “State regulation of the regional commercial systems”; Ph.D. in Political Sciences, Philosophy, State Formation and Economic Reforms

Co-author of a book entitled “Donetsk mafia” (“Donetsk Mafia. Anthology,” 2006 in Russian and “Donetsk Mafia. Reload,” 2008 in Ukrainian), the only book written to date describing the turf wars that took place in the early and mid ’90’s in Donetsk City of Ukraine and their alleged participants; co-author of a book entitled “Crimean Gambit” (2006)


Past and Present Work and Activities:
• Founder and Head of the Anti-Corruption Fund (2005)
• Head of the Media Project “Mafia in Ukraine” (2006)
• Speaker at numerous press conferences, including on the subject “Alliance of a new power with old Donetsk mafia. Prospect for victims and the country in total”, UNIAN agency, Kiev, September 23, 2005
• Political prisoner (arrested and politically prosecuted in 2008-2009 on false accusations under Yanukovych’s regime, with 8-year imprisonment term (overturned by the Supreme Court of Ukraine, but reinstated by a lower court to a term of 4 years with confiscation of all the assets, of which 19 month were spent in prison, followed by 2 years of rehabilitative labor work)
• ATO zone volunteer combatant (2014)
• Field volunteer delivering supplies to the ATO zone for Ukrainian government troops (2014-present)
• Developer of the reformist projects on the state formation, state reforms and state economic development (current job)