Protests Mr. Denis Matsuev – SAN FRANCISCO



  •   Sunday, January 24, 2016
  •   6.15 pm
  •   401 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, California 94102


Dear Friends, It is Time to Act! Join The Protest: “SF Protests Matsuev”. Denis Matsuev Supports War in Ukraine! Mr. Matsuev Supports Annexation of Crimea! He is not welcomed in San Francisco and Los Angeles! Shame on him!

“We – artists, cultural figures – must remain peacemakers.” Gidon Kremer, Latvian violinist and conductor.

Last March, for the first time since World War II, we have witnessed the annexation of the part of a sovereign country. Using brute force and false pretenses, Russia has taken over the Crimean Peninsula, a territory of the Ukraine. President Putin’s actions violate both international law and flout basic principles of human morality. His actions have already led to the deaths of innocent people. “UN says deaths keep rising in Ukraine, now over 5,000”

In the midst of these tragic events some of Russian musicians, actors and artists signed the letter of support for Russia’s military occupation of Ukraine. Among those who signed this letter were famous Russian musicians, such as Denis Matsuev, Valery Gergiev, Vladimir Spivakov and Yuri Bashmet. In the letter, published on the website of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation (, they “firmly state support for the position of the President of the Russian Federation on Ukraine and Crimea.”

We find it unacceptable that those artists who openly support violence and war are still welcome to the world’s best concert stages. We will encourage people to boycott their performances, and Mr. Matsuev’s concerts at the Herbst Theater in particular.

Both principal partners of Cherry Orchard Festival Foundation – SBERBANK and VTB – are under US sanctions (ttp://

We appeal to the San Francisco War Memorial Herbst Theatre administration, as well as other concert halls, presenters, and orchestras in the United States, to refrain from any collaboration with those musicians who publicly approve inhumane and aggressive policies of the President Putin. At the same time we welcome those artists from Russia who have not dishonored their names by officially supporting Putin’s regime.

Denis Matsuev have been a prominent supporters of Putin’s regime:

   • In March 2014 Matsuev signed a letter in support of Russia’s military intervention of Ukraine.