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HOLODOMOR Commemoration Committee Of Northern California – 1st meeting

January 29th, 2017 – San Francisco, CA

HOLODOMOR Commemoration Committee Of Northern California

The following people were present at the meeting:

  • Maria Tscherepenko, Vice-President, UACC
  • Dr. Lubow Jowa, President, UHC
  • Nataliya Grekh Añón, activist
  • Vitali Vizir, Head, St.Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church; President, UACC
  • Maria Iskiw, Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church; Treasure, UACC
  • Mykyta Safronenko, Secretary, UACC
  • Lesya Castillo, Board Assistant, UACC
  • Oleksanrd Zhuravel, UCCC
  • Veniamin  Vorozhko, UCCC
  • Oksana Stus, MaydanSF
  • Dr. Oleh Weres (absent)
  • Oksana Tscherepenko, Secretary, UACC (absent)

The meeting began by attendees discussing different ways of commemorating HOLODOMOR and raising the awareness of this horrific atrocity against the humanity and genocide against Ukrainians.  Maria Tscherepenko presented several folders/materials/print-outs on the topic, which she had collected of the years of organizing various events commemorating HOLODOMOR.

Some of the possible effective ways mentioned at the meeting were:

ads and articles in the newspapers and magazines, banners on in visible places, for instance on highways and bridges (Maria Tscherepenko presented examples and ideas); introducing HOLODOMOR agenda into local schools  and holding commemoration activities in local libraries, presentation of movies and materials in theaters, community centers, etc.  Dr. Jowa has the “know-how”  of organizing such events, such as approaching the school board, doing school book reports, etc. She can provide guidance on how to do that to the activists.  Dr.Jowa  made reference to “Model Curriculum for California schools” published by California Department of Education in 1983, which advises on including the HOLODOMOR topic into the school curriculum.

The group viewed the trailer of a new feature movie  “Bitter Harvest” – a small production movie produced by Canadian cinematograph, which will be released  on February 24th in some chosen markets.  The group discussed various ways of spreading the word about this movie.   Oksana Stus showed the group the work of one of Ukrainian artist – Oleh Shuplyak, as a potential option for the art work installation for San Francisco.

Most  of the time the discussion centered around exploring various ways of installing a HOLODOMOR commemoration memorial in San Francisco, targeting project completion by October 2018.

The key points decided at the meeting were:

  1. All the attendees of the current meeting will now form HOLODOMOR COMMEMORATION COMMITTEE OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA (“The Committee”), the sole purpose of which is to build and establish such a memorial.The following organizations are now part of this Committee:Ukrainian American Coordinating Council (United States)
    St.Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church (San Francisco, CA)
    Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church (San Francisco, CA)
    Ukrainian Heritage Club of Northern California (Sacramento, CA)
    Ukrainian Cultural Community Center (Sacramento, CA)
    Ukrainian School in San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)
    MaydanSF (San Francisco, CA)For purposes of donations and official communications, the Committee will use the Ukrainian American Coordinating Council letterhead and charitable organization status, not to deal with the effort and logistics of creating a new charitable organization.  All organizations participating in this effort will be recognized and acknowledged as contributing to this important cause.  All members on the Committee are encouraged to add new activists, civic and religious organizations with Ukrainian connections to have as wide of representation and coverage as possible.
  1. Svitla Systems pledges up to $250,000K in matching contribution for the fundraising for the purposes of installing HOLODOMOR memorial in San Francisco. The attendees have a task of soliciting other organizations/individuals to make contributions.  Ukrainian businessmen and women to join the fundraising effort and pledge their support to this important cause.

The next meeting will be held on Sunday, February 26th, 2017 at 2pm at St. Michael’s Orthodox Church in San Francisco address 345 7th Str., San Francisco.

The following are the actions items for the next meeting:

  1. Otets’ Georgiy/Oksana Stus – find out  and relate to the Committee the information about Holodomor Memorial in Los Angeles – how, cost, process, etc.
  2. Mykyta Safrorenko – research with his real estate contact and developer and share with the group the information about possible sites for the Memorial (parks, squares, etc.) in San Francisco where it might be a possibility; create a mailing list of all presents at the meeting as well as a web page describing the project, its current status and action plan on the UACC webpage.
  3. Oksana Tscherepenko – research and relate to the Committee the information on whom and how to ask for a permission for such a project in the city of San Francisco; find out is the City Council representative for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in SF.
  4. Maria Tscherepenko – conduct the research on similar Memorials in city of San Francisco and possibility of establishing HOLODOMOR Memorial on the territory of the Legion of Honor.
  5. Otets’ Georgiy – invite a representative of Ukrainian Consulate to the February 26th meeting of the Committee.
  6. Oleksandr Zhuravel – solicit support and bring other organizations, for example Baptists churches, to the Committee and the next meeting.
  7. The rest of the members of the Committee are encouraged to solicit support and bring representative of other groups/organizations to the next meeting.


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